Can we make changes to our plans after consent has been issued?

Yes, we are happy to help you with any changes you may wish to make to suit your personal requirements, and to arrange amendments to consent plans with council.

Can we make changes after work has started?

Yes, we are happy to work with you at any time throughout the build process to make variations that will better suit your expectations. It is quite common for people to wish to make changes as they see things start to take shape.

What about the costs with making variations?

All variations are priced and get your agreement on costs / options before any additional costs are incurred.

What happens if there is unforeseen work?

This can happen, but usually only with Additions / Alterations. However if and whenever it occurs we will let you know as soon as it becomes apparent, and will discuss with you the best options available and get your agreement before any further costs are incurred.

Who will be working on my project, and are they qualified?

We will always have a qualified LBP (licensed Building Practitioner) Builder on site overseeing all structural work.

All sub-contractors that we employ are also qualified in their Trade.

Can we use our own Plumber / Electrician?

Yes, If you have a sub-contractor that you have used in the past and wish to use as part of this project we will allow this. All we ask is that we can arrange with them directly (as with any of our own sub-contractors), and that scheduling of work is kept in our hands so that your project will proceed smoothly.

Can we do anything on site that will help us to reduce cost?

Generally the best you can do is to leave the work to us. But we are prepared to work with you if required to save costs where possible. If you have a particular ability e.g. painting, then we would use you as if you are a subcontractor.

Or you may wish to do some general labouring. You must remember though that it is a construction site and for safety considerations you will be under our supervision and instruction (as the main contractor) at all times, in the same as any other employee or sub-contractor.

We have some of the materials / fittings that we would like to use. Is that OK?

Yes, we are happy to make use of anything that you may wish to use. If however we feel that they are of unsuitable quality we will discuss this with you before we use them.

You need to remember that any materials you supply will not covered by the Master build Guarantee. Also insurance companies do not cover materials supplied by owners along with any construction materials that we may have.

Can we stay living in our home while additions / alterations are being done?

Generally yes, unless it is going to impact on the basic amenities for an unsuitable period of time, e.g. Kitchen, bathroom etc. or have a large impact on the available living space.

However parts of the construction area may be partitioned off, in which case access should only happen under our supervision, for your own safety.

Can we visit the site whenever we want?

We welcome you taking an interest in your project, but visits need to be arranged for when we are present.

This is to meet Health and Safety requirements as we as the main contractor and are legally responsible for the safety all persons on site, even outside of work hours.