As well as the Master Builders Guarantee, when you build with Oakland Homes you are guaranteed a hassle free building experience.

1 Communication

  • We guarantee to listen to your ideas and needs and discuss with you the best options at every stage of the design and build process. We will never simply go ahead without your agreement
  • Further, we guarantee that should additional unforeseen work be required we will…
    • notify you as soon as it becomes apparent

    • discuss the options available to you

    • cost the agreed options and get agreement, with you, before any additional costs are incurred

  • Moreover, during the course of the building work, we guarantee to communicate with you at regular and at agreed intervals.
    • In addition, you may contact us at any time during the course of the build…

    • Or if you have any queries or concerns over any aspects

    • Or If you have any ideas or changes that you wish to incorporate in the build, even once construction has started.

2 Quality and Workmanship

  • We guarantee that there will always be a qualified builder on your site to ensure the quality and workmanship of your build
  • As well as guaranteeing our workmanship, We guarantee that any sub-contractors used by us will be certified/licensed in their trades.

 3 Project Management

  • We guarantee that your project will progress according to the agreed time schedule. In the event that conditions outside our control should affect the time schedule we will discuss this with you at the first possible convenient occasion and do everything in our power to get your project back on schedule.

4 Security

  • We guarantee to secure your property during renovations…
    • To ensure that no sub-contractors that you have not given prior approval to, will be given access to your property without our presence.
    • to always leave the property closed off at the end of the day’s work
    • If not practical to close off fully, to enclose with covers
  • We guarantee to take care of you and your property during any renovations by taking the following steps to protect your valuables
    • Covering any carpets, or furniture.
    • Removing any soft furnishings, Drapes etc. from the area.
    • Removing wall hangings, pictures, clocks etc. from the rooms, or any wall that may be affected by vibration, and placing them safely out of harm’s way.
    • Using dust barriers to limit dust to other areas, where practical.

5 Safety

  • We guarantee to maintain safe work practices on your site at all times.

6 Completion

  • We guarantee to reinstate any area of damage that we may have caused to your property.
  • We guarantee our work to be watertight. In the unlikely event of a leak caused through our workmanship we will put this right at our expense.
  • We guarantee to fully clean your property before we hand it over to you. We take pride in the quality of our work, and want to present your project back to you at its best.
  • In the unlikely event that something within my control does go wrong, I guarantee to put it Right.


The above is my personal guarantee.
Peter Oakden

Managing Director