Step 1

Get the Oakland Homes Transforming/Creating Your Living Space Guide

  • Call Peter Oakden Builders for your copy
  • List dissatisfactions with your current home/needs
  • List what you would like in the finished renovation / new build
  • Collect together pictures you like, concepts / finishes

Step 2

Decide on the Building Advisor who will walk you through the process.  Check…

  • Builder’s credibility
  • Testimonials
  • Experience of local area
  • References
  • Builder’s Guarantee

Step 3

Make an appointment with Peter Oakland Builders

  • Discuss your thoughts and assess feasibility
  • Discuss building possibilities
  • Talk about financial implications
  • Complete Concept Development Agreement

Step 4

Review quoting process

  • Set quoting requirements & number of quotes
  • Ensure each works from same concept
  • Request full specifications

Step 5

Discuss and build your concept plan

  • Review price and build time
  • Modify concept
  • Agree on concept
  • Complete Council Requirements Agreement

Step 6

Complete working plans and apply for consent

  • Agree on final plans
  • Lodge building consent application
  • Agreement on pricing

Step 7

Complete Building Contract Agreement

Step 8

Set Build schedule

  • Set start & completion dates